Drone Photography and Video Packages

Affordable packages for our customers.

Photography Rs. 15,000

10 Drone Photos

50 Standard Photos

Promotion Article (free)

Videography Rs. 15,000

Drone + Standard Video

Max 10 mins

Promotion Article (free)

Web Site Rs. 30,000

Maximum 6 Pages (static)

Free Support

Hotel Systems (On Request)

Online Booking (On Request)

Social Media Rs. 10,000

Monthly Package

Facebook Rs.5000

Instagram Rs.5000

Manage all photos, videos and promotions

Customer FAQ

What is the process of Social Media package ?

If you don't have accounts in Facebook or Instragram , we are making accounts for you. If you have, we can use them. We can promote your place to get more visitors and more attention on social media. We can boost your posts to specific target audience. And also promote your offers to get more customers.

Can I customize above packages ?

Yes of course you can. It's up to your requirment. Feel free to contact us anytime for more information. Creativity has no limits, so all our creative works are fully customizable.

Can we get a software for our hotel ?

Yes you can. We can create any kind of system from simple payment platform to fully automated hotel management system. Any kind of ERP like system for customers. Feel free to contact us and get more information.