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Matara - Welcome to the city of travellers

First night, we spent at 56 Deco in Galle. We had to start 2nd day early because we wanted to go for Whale watching which starts at 7 AM from Mirissa. It's a 1 hr drive from Galle to Mirissa in the morning. Mirissa is one of the best places for whale watching.

mirissa to colombo

Matara is situated 160 km away from Colombo. If you are travelling from Colombo, you can use Colombo - Matara Expressway and within 2 hours, you can reach Matara. Matara is famous for Fishing , Surfing , Diving, Whale watching and also some ancient areas and temples. Matara Fort is also important.

Important facts about Matara

  • Elevation : 2 m
  • Area : 13 km 2
  • Weather : 26°C, 80% Humidity
  • Population : 800,000+
  • Hotel rate (3 Star) : LKR 9,700.00
  • Hotel rate (5 Star) : LKR 35,000.00
  • Homestay and other : LKR 5,700.00
  • Affordable and easy way to travel : Tuk Tuk

If you are in Matara, don't miss Whale Watching. It's an experience which you can get only in Sri Lanka and all the effort is worthy because there are many things to enjoy apart from watching Whales. IF you have sea sick, it's better to take some sea sick preventing pills before you get boarded on the boat.

Important facts about Whale Watching

  • Start time : 7 AM (November to April is the season).
  • Tour duration : 3-5 hours.
  • Species : Blue whale(largest whale) , Sperm whale , Bryde's whale , Pilot whale , Killer whale.
  • Meals : Breakfast included with tea and coffee ,unlimited water provided.
  • Clean and complete bathroom facilities on the boat.
  • Insurance is provided and approved by Sri Lanka Tourist Board.
  • Conditions : If you are not lucky to see any whale, they arrange a free tour next day for all the people who paid. Once paid, it's non refundable.

Contact numbers which we can recommond for whale watching :

  • Damith: +94 776 018 753
  • Geeth : +94 776 376 714
  • Raja and Whales Tours : +94 713 331 811
  • Mirissa Whale Watching (PVT) LTD : +94 713 121 061

When you are going on the boat, you can see many fishing boats , other tour boats and also a nice view of the island of Sri Lanka and some other smaller islands.

Mirissa whale watching Mirissa whale watching We selected above boat for the tour. "Tour with Damith"
Mirissa whale watching Mirissa whale watching You can see plenty of fishing boats and fishermen here. Unique view in Sri Lanka
Mirissa whale watching It's better to stay at the front of the boat to get a better and closer look. Be ready to get wet. Mirissa whale watching Blue whale is the most common whale you can see in this tour. Mirissa whale watching Apart from the Whales, this is the nice view of Sri Lanka from the Sea.

Even if they provide breakfast , you might get hungry after the boat ride. Don't worry there are many good restaurants and hotels to have a great meal for a resonable rates. Both Sri Lankan traditional and Western type of food available.

Mirissa Breakfast This is a Western type breakfast : Oats with honey , Fresh fruit juice and fruit salad.

After spending some time at Mirissa, We headed to Unawatuna - Jungle Beach. ( on our way back to Colombo. A small , isolated yet so clean and beautiful beach situated between Mirissa and Galle. This area is famous for Corals too. You can hire a boat with galss bottom to see all the underwater marine life and corals.

Jungle Beach Unawatuna

Unawatuna area related to great story of Ramayana. There was a war between demon King Ravana from Sri Lanka and Indian prince Rama. During that war , Rama's brother got wounded and monkey warrior Hanuman was sent back to India to fetch some medicine from Himalayas. But Hanuman coudn't identify those medicine and he took the entire mountain and brought back to Sri Lanka. But on the way to Rama's location, a chunk of the mountain fall down and now we can see a mountain in Unawatuna and we can assume it is the fallen part.

Jungle Beach Unawatuna Jungle Beach Unawatuna We saw some people going diving in this boat. This is a common scenery in this area. Jungle Beach Unawatuna Jungle Beach Unawatuna Since beach is calm, we played with our underwater drone. And you can see in the background, people are relaxing on the beach. And also you can collect many sea shell and rocks.

This is a nice place for Sun Bathing while having some fresh juices from the restaurans around. If you are looking for some main meals , we are not recommonding the restaurants in the beach. You have to go to main road to get some good main meal. Entrance of the beach is bit busy with some restaurants , local guides and sellers. But you can walk a bit further and enjoy your time in the golden, calm and quiet beach.

Average hotels rates in Unawatuna :

  • 3 star hotel average: LKR 7,500.00
  • 5 star hotel average : LKR 20,500.00

We headed back to Colombo from Unawatuna and stopped at Hikka Tranz by Cinnamon Hotel for our lunch. They have both western and sri lankan traditional lunch buffets. And you can enjoy hotel beach , beachside pool , some good cocktails , whisky , BBQ here. But all the rates are affordable and staff is so friendly. the location is eye catching and good for drones too.

hikka tranz hikka tranz hikka tranz This is the nice looking Hikka Tranz by Cinnamon hotel. Closed to the beach and nice surrounding. hikka tranz hikka tranz Don't miss their lunch buffet. Good variation with Sri Lankan and Western foods. And also pool side bar is great for some cold beer.

When you are in Hikkaduwa, you have to try all these events. All these events are lots of sun and fun.

  • Surfing in the Hikka Beach.
  • Hikka Coral Gardens.
  • Diving and snorkelling. ( +94-773-524-876 , +94-117-488-288 )
  • Turtles Hatchery and marine life.
  • Ayurvedic treatments.
  • Lake at Hikkaduwa.
  • Tsunami photo museum.
  • National park in Hikkaduwa. ( Check here )
  • Cycling in the beach road.
  • Yoga and Meditation.
(For all these events, please contact us and we can arrange the cheapest and best packages for you. We are not tour guides or travel agency. so we are not taking any commision or advatnages from you. We are just a couple who like to travel and help people to visit sri lanka).

hikka tranz Perfect beach for relaxing and walking in the evening.
hikka tranz hikka tranz
You can see many small creatures like squirrel and also turtles here. You can feed them and touch them.

Since we are too close to Colombo and we have Expressway to travel easily, we planned to stay in a hotel near Colombo. There are many hotels you can book under $80 (as for year 2018). Hotel Anarva in Colombo is a good choice. ( Check the Hotel here ). Very clean and neat place. You can enjoy the bar and swimming pool at the roof top.

Please feel free to comment and ask any question from us. We are happy to help you. Hope you will enjoy.

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