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Kalpitiya - A True Experience in a Marine City

Kalpitiya is a small fishing village located in Puttalam district, North Western province of Sri Lanka. Kalpitiya is a combination of 14 small islands. Most of the people here are fisherman. The main attraction here is Kite Surfing. Many people come to place from overseas specially to Kite Surfing because of the safe area of sea surrounded by many islands and specially the wind.

colombo to kalpitiya

As usual we started our journey from Colombo. It's a 4 hours ride directly from Colombo. You can enjoy the sunny and golden beach and some nice meals with rice and seafood. Make sure to pack some snack and drinks on the way to Kalpitiya. Sometimes you will see some areas without no any place to buy anything.

Kite Surfing is the most famous and attractive sport in this area. But you have to have some good practice to do that. So we didn't try. But if you like, there are many places to rent all the equipment and some Sri Lankan and foreign guys there to help you.

kalpitiya kite surfing kalpitiya kite surfing kalpitiya kite surfing kalpitiya kite surfing Kalpitiya is a great place for surfing. You can rest surfing equipments from the place.

Apart from the Kite Surfing, you can go for Dolphin watching. This season starts from November to March and normally from one boat tour, you can see nearly 200+ Dolphins. You can hire a 8 seats motorboat if you can pay like $100 per tour. Some new boats would charge much more than this. But the average cost is between $100 to $200.

After spending 2 hours in the sea, you will arrive to a nice sets of islands. The best place to see plenty of Dolphins is the "Portugal Bay" (The place is named after the Portugal people invaded Sri Lanka). If your boatman tries to go to another location, tell him exactly headed to this area. There is a small Naval base here. So before entering this area, the boatman has to go and take permission from the Naval Base. It's simple process and we don't need to worry about that.

Don't forget to enjoy your time in the beach. Specially the sunset is awesome. No obstacles and you can enjoy the full sunset and also the reflection of the sun in the water. There are many good restaurants out there. Sometimes the appearance is not so good. But the cleaness and quality of food is great. Kalpitiya has it's own way of managing restaurants and hotels. And also this area is very famous for dry fish , fresh fish from the sea, prawns , cuttlefish. If you are a sea food lover, you have plenty of variations to try.

kalpitiya sri lanka This is a nice restaurant we had lunch. They serve great baked / BBQ fish and sea food.
kalpitiya dry fish The process of making dry fish. Kalpitiya is perfect for this because of the sunny weather.

In this area, you can see many Wind Turbines. They help to generate electricity in this area. If you are a drone fan and if you like to fly, this is a good place to fly near a wind turbine. You can see miles and miles away. No any obstacles. Always manage to keep your drone under 120m according to Sri Lankan Civil Aviation Department.

kalpitiya wind turbing kalpitiya wind turbing

Don't get too close to wind turbines when you are flying. Wind is so high it's hard to control the drone when you are too close.

kalpitiya sri lanka kalpitiya sri lanka kalpitiya sri lanka kalpitiya sri lanka

Normally there are many Muslim people living in this area. Most of the hotels and restaurants owned by them. But in Kalpitiya town, you can see a nice Buddhist temple and a huge Buddha statue. This is a landmark in center of the Kalpitiya town.

kalpitiya cocoon beach kalpitiya cocoon beach

We booked a room in Cacoon B&B Kalpitiya. Perfect place for backpackers and also couples. Calm and quiet place. And the owner lady is from France I think. She is so helpful and generous. The breakfast is superb. You can have some nice Fruits, Omelet , Bread and some chicken too. You have to spend average of $100 per 2 people for this place. This place worth every penny you spend. Rooms are so clean and neat. And the surrounding is also great.

kalpitiya cocoon beach kalpitiya cocoon beach

Please feel free to comment and ask any question from us. We are happy to help you. Hope you will enjoy.

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