Galle Sri Lanka

Exploring Hidden Beauties

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Galle Sri Lanka - A remarkable city by Dutchmen

After days and days of planning , finally we could start the expedition. Our friend from UK (Stephan from DRONEUSER.CO.UK) also joined with us. He came to Sri Lanka specially to spend 10 days with us and tour all around sri lanka. First we decided to travel down south of Sri Lanka. Specially Galle and Matara areas.

Why Galle is important ?

Galle city is known as "Galle Fort" because earlier it was a military base. This city was founded by Portuguese colonists back there in 16 th century. After Dutchmen invaded Sri Lanka, they took the control over Galle Fort and they made all the huge walls. They entitled this area as a car-free zone. Then English-men invaded Sri Lanka and took contral over Galle Fort. So you can see architecture designs of 3 nations in this place.

  • Elevation : 0 m
  • Weather : 28°C, 80% Humidity
  • Population : 100,000+
  • Hotel rate (3 Star) : LKR 9,500.00
  • Hotel rate (5 Star) : LKR 25,000.00
  • Homestay and other : LKR 5,500.00

colombo to galle We started our journey from Colombo to Galle using expressway (paid road).

On the way to Galle, we stopped by Madu Ganga. One of the best places in Sri Lanka to have a boat ride. You can see a nice bio diversity there. There are many places to have a nice boat ride here. Among those many places, we choosed this guy to offer us a boat ride. (+94777836067 : Contactable via WhatsApp also.)

Madu Ganga is important because it is being home to approximately 303 species of plants belonging to 95 families and to 248 species of vertabrate animals. Not only different verieties of animals, this eco system is very rich with many Mangrove islets. And also famous for peeled cinnamon and cinnamon oil.

Madu Ganga crocodile
Madu Ganga
Madu Ganga
Madu Ganga
Madu Ganga
Madu Ganga
Madu Ganga
Madu Ganga
Madu Ganga
Madu Ganga
Madu Ganga
Madu Ganga crocodile Madu Ganga Madu Ganga Madu Ganga Madu Ganga Madu Ganga Madu Ganga Madu Ganga Madu Ganga Madu Ganga Madu Ganga

There are many islands you can visit while on the boat tour. Make sure you let the boatman know that you want to visit all these islands. First you can see “Satha Paha Island”. It is the smallest island in the river. You can see some ruins of a old Hindu Temple , rocks and some tress there.

satha paha island madu ganga This is the Satha Paha Island. islands in madu ganga There are many small and medium size of islands.
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The next island we visisted is Cinnamon Island. It’s a big island and you can have some nice Cinnamon tea, cinnamon oil and also Cinnamon powder. Most of the time, Cinamon tea is free if you buy some of their products. As we remember, we bought a small bottle of Cinnamon oil which priced LKR 300.00. From this place, you can see how Cinnamon peeled and also how they make Cinnamon oil and peeled cinnamon.

cinnamon peeling in madu ganga This is how peeled cinnamon is made. You can buy some if you like.

After having some Cinnamon tea, we went to have a Fish therapy. It’s also available in the other side of this island. Ask your boatman to take you there. You can walk. Just few clicks away. Fish massage is good and it’s a really nice experience. You can enjoy that about 20 mins and also finally you can feed them with some food. It’s a great experience. Normally they charge LKR 200.00 from a local person. Sometimes the rate goes up as LKR 1000.00 for one person. Specially for foreigners.

fish theropy in madu ganga fish theropy in madu ganga

After that, we went to island called “Temple Island”. This island is also big and there is a mountain. You can visit the temple and also climb the mountain too. This is a really nice place to realx and have some pure , cool water to drink.

Koth Duwa in Madu Ganga This is the drone view of Temple Island. You can see the white color stupa and some buildings of the Temple. Photo credits : Stephen Timewell from Koth Duwa in Madu Ganga Koth Duwa in Madu Ganga

The boat tour is a nice experince. The people are so friendly and helpful. No need to give tips for anyone. After spening some more time there, we went to the beach. The place where Madu Ganga is connecting with the sea is a place you don’t need to miss. That place is situated 1 km away from the place we took boats and they will help you to find that location.

Madu Ganga Sri Lanka Madu Ganga Sri Lanka This is the place Madu Ganga and Indian Ocean measts. You can see the color differece of water here.
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Madu Ganga Sri Lanka Madu Ganga Sri Lanka

After spending some time there, we headed back to Galle. We wanted to use our drones and capture some areial images and footage of the Galle fort and specially Galle Light house. Anyway this place is a place you should see. If you are a nature lover and want to experience some new bio diversity, this is the place for you.

As soon as we arrived Galle, we went to visit Galle Fort. Make sure you also visit this place before the dark. Otherwise you can't get the real beauty of this place. In the Fort, faced to the sea, there is a nice walking path. You can smell salt with the wind as many other ocean areas. We decided to use our drones and take some nice images and footage of Galle Fort and the famous Lighthouse.

galle fort galle fort Photo credits : Stephen Timewell from

There is a nice event here. A local guy jump from the top of this rock to the sea. The sea is not clear and also there are many rocks underneath. But he risks his life and take that jump. It's a world famous jump in Galle Fort. When there are many foreigners in this place, he is going to do that and he is asking for some little money as a support. (Average of $10 - $20 )

For the lunch, we can reccomond "The Stairway - 53 , Church Street , Fort , Galle". They have traditioan and also western meals. Specially some nice mocktails to make you fresh after a tired day at Galle Fort. This place is located few blocks away from the Galle Fort. You can easily take a Tuk Tuk (Famous way to short distance transportation in Sri Lanka) and it will only cost around LKR 200.00. It's the best way to travel around Galle Fort.

galle fort You can choose outside restaurant as well as inside. We preferred outside. galle fort You can feel like you are in a old Dutch restaurant. galle fort These guys are very friendly even if they look little tough. And you can find a Tuk Tuk easily in Galle Fort.

There are many hotels in Galle Fort. Among all these hotels, if you want to experience old Dutch culture and that kind of unique facilities, you should try "56 by Deko" hotel. The staff is very friendly and room condition is superb. The main advantage is this hotel is situated in the middle of the Galle Fort and at night, you can have a good walk and eat some street food. And early in the morning, you can go to Galle Fort and enjoy the sunrise. One room (2 adults) cost average of $80 in this hotel. Bed and Breakfast. If you want any meals, food menu is so reasonable and cheaper than any other place around. But the quality is higher than many other places.

galle fort This is the "56 by Deko" Hotel. The person standing near the hotel will help you with luggage. galle fort You can sit beside the road and enjoy some good coffee here. Or some Italian. galle fort Even the clothing stores are open till mid night. You have plenty of time to do shopping. galle night galle night Don't forget to enjoy some Spanish Ice Cream here. Chocolate with Chips excellent.

This is the end of the Day 1 of your journey. After enjoying some nice street food and some beer, we went to our Hotel. It's a 2 storey room. Bathroom and the lobby is in ground floor and bed and table is in 1st floor. It makes fun and a different experience for couples.

Please feel free to comment and ask any question from us. We are happy to help you. Hope you will enjoy.

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